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Foundation supporting the work of volunteers

For two decades, the volunteers of the Human Service Alliance (HSA) have been serving their community in various ways—first, by caring for disabled children and terminally ill adults and providing health and wellness and mediation services; and now, by conducting purposeful parenting workshops and operating one of Winston-Salem, North Carolina's most popular and critically praised restaurants, California Fresh Buffet. Through their relatively modest but regular giving, their careful stewardship of resources, their sound investing, and their unpaid labor—and with no large grants or donations from major benefactors—they have amassed a million dollar (and growing) fund with which to help support human service work around the world.

The Foundation will support individuals, groups, and organizations that are all-volunteer or primarily volunteer-based and are involved in projects in the United States and abroad. Those motivated by selfless service and altruism and whose work is practical, inclusive, a source of inspiration to others, a demonstration of goodwill, and a response to clearly identified needs will receive serious consideration. For more information about the Foundation for Purposeful Living go to For information about Human Service Alliance, the Center for Purposeful Living, and their programs, go to: