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About Us

The Curriculum Project was established in 2001, to work with post-high school (Post-10) schools along the Thai/Burma border. Curriculum Project works with teachers and students to design curricula and materials, and provides teacher training and teacher support programmes. All schools and organizations the project works with are run by, and teach, refugees and marginalized groups from Burma, based in Thailand, India and China. The programs supported by the Curriculum Project are all Post-10 programs: education institutes and courses for students who have graduated from year 10, but need further training before going on to community work or accessing the few higher education opportunities available to refugees from Burma.

The Curriculum Project’s objectives are to develop curricula and materials for two purposes: to capacitate students for work in community organisations, and to prepare students for further education opportunities. Currently we are working on curricula, materials and teacher training for general and academic english, social studies, maths and science. The project also assists teachers working on Burmese as a second language and community development.