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About Us

Our goals for the organization include, establishing a Children's Hospice Facility quite different in terms of quality, infrastructure, and other details for a comfortable place where our precious ones can feel light, safety, and above all a lot of love.  Establish an interfaith green burial/urban cemetery and memorial garden.  An urban cemetery is simply land that is partially committed to our traditional burials and the other half of the land, which must be organic land is didicated to green burials.  There will also be a designated area to keep or spread human remains, where loved ones may come and enjoy a beautiful, soothing, and well-cared for ambiance to sit and visit with the departed as they wish.  The cemetery and memorial garden will also be architecturally diverse in hopes of having a place where everyone can feel the authentic love of those who will be working with JCRLG with nothing less than passion for this calling.  Lastly, we hope to eventually be able to offer grants/financial aid to students who are passionate about working in fields such as; gerontology, social work, thanatology, nursing, hospice/palliative care and other fields pertinent to our mission. Our aim at JCRLG is to ensure effective advocacy on behalf of vulnerable persons in need of assistance, evaluate and analyse options for care, and do all we possibly can for actively dying patients and their loved ones as well while they go through the inevitable journey of death. We want to Raise Awareness Regarding Death and Dying Matters and help address some of the fear and anxiety surrounding the issue with our communities via video conferencing's we hold, continue to spread the word and knowlege via seminars, dinners, get togethers, and maintaining our growing group, which has over 6500 members. Hospice & End-of-Life Care Group is a support group where individuals may seek care and other services from one another and other professionals in the group. It is a private group, therefore you may request to join and your request will be evaluated by one of our moderators.  You're just a click away so you or anyone you know who needs support please send them our way.  That is why we are here, to help, shed light, and love one another in such times life holds for us. Devoted to commit and serve as your primary source of information in advance care planning. Guide and assist in preparing you for your future healthcare needs by providing quality assistance through our array of resources , education, and support for end-of-life care provisions.  Our misson is to raise consciousness about death and dying, and provide and array of support and services for end of life planning.