Salt Creek International Women's Health Foundation

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About Us

Salt Creek International Women’s Health Foundation (SCIWHF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that creates medical devices to aid maternal health issues in developing countries. Our mission? To make our devices readily accessible and available to women where they are needed, internationally, regardless of geographical or resource barriers.

Most medical devices are developed, priced, marketed, and sold in industrialized countries. Sales in emerging countries are often an afterthought. In most cases, medical devices are too expensive for emerging countries to incorporate into their medical delivery systems. While cost is one barrier to medical device availability in some countries, one fundamental problem remains: the prevalence of many illnesses and diseases is not the same in emerging nations as in industrialized ones. Virtually all medical devices are invented, developed, and sold within industrialized countries; therefore, devices are typically created to treat medical problems in these countries alone, while many of the crippling and fatal medical problems, illnesses, and diseases that exist in developing countries persist without any attention from the medical device field. SCIWHF was founded with the distinct mission to change the course of medical device development by creating simple, effective, and low-cost devices that address critical maternal health issues specific to emerging nations.