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Sanar Institute

Newark, NJ |
Joined in November 2017

About Us

About the Sanar Institute

The Sanar Institute is dedicated to healing individuals and communities impacted by trauma with an unwavering belief that healing is a human right. The Sanar Institute provides trauma-specific services and support to individuals and communities impacted by interpersonal violence and complex trauma while also supporting trauma-conscious and person-centered best practices through diverse capacity building initiatives.

Building Empowered Lives Free of Violence

Sanar works globally to address the impacts of traumatic events with a specific focus on all forms of human trafficking and interpersonal violence through both direct service provision and capacity strengthening initiatives. At the hear of this work is Sanar's unwavering

Sanar has also worked throughout the United States, East Asia, Latin America, and West Africa as a leader in the provision of customized training and technical assistance. Sanar prioritizes trauma-informed and person-centered approaches for organizations and institutions working with individuals, families, and communities that have experienced or are vulnerable to interpersonal violence.

Sanar's Approach

The Sanar Institute strives to ensure access, understanding and person-centered approaches are used in supporting individuals impacted by interpersonal violence including:

  • Human Trafficking
  • Image-based Abuse
  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Sexual Violence
  • Trauma Based on Marginalization and Oppression: Specialization work with LGBTQ+,BIPOC, and Immigrant Communities
  • Intergenerational and Historical Trauma
  • Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence

Sanar utilizes a three pronged approach to support trauma healing and to reduce incidences of violence at the individual, community and institutional level.

  1. Direct Services for Individuals and Communities Impacted by Trauma: Sanar provides trauma specific, culturally informed, evidence- based mental health services, trauma-sensitive coaching, groups, and lived experience leader support for individuals and communities.
  2. Training & Technical Assistance for Stakeholders in Allied Interpersonal Violence Field: Sanar provides training and technical assistance on the provision of trauma-specific, person-centered care and specializes in building trauma-conscious responses to interpersonal violence.
  3. Workplace Wellness Services: Sanar provides customized organizational wellness training, assessments and coaching services to support workplace wellness for teams that are exposed to secondary and vicarious trauma through their work in allied interpersonal violence fields.

Sanar’s Core Values

  • Honoring Individuals
  • Creative Intention
  • Transformative Growth
  • Integrity and Respect
  • Justice and Equality

Learn more about our Core Values HERE

Sanar's Core Programs

Wellness Center Direct Services: Sanar’s services empower individuals that have experienced trauma to move beyond these experiences and build lives that are fully thriving. Through individual therapy, survivor support sessions, group support, and community healing workshops, Sanar’s team of clinicians walk side by side with clients to build safety, resiliency and hope.

Sanar’s Wellness Center is in a convenient, confidential location near Newark Penn Station. Services are offered remotely using a HIPPA compliant tele-mental health platform. Services are available in English and Spanish, with interpreters available for other languages.

Thrive Initiative: Sanar’s Thrive Initiative is home to a diverse portfolio of training and technical assistance projects to support stakeholders in building, integrating, and expanding trauma-conscious and person-centered practices in allied interpersonal violence fields including:

  • Project TRUST
  • Issue Specific Training
  • International Capacity Strengthening

Workplace Wellness Initiatives: The Sanar Institute is an expert leader in the provision of customized training and coaching initiatives for frontline staff and organizations working with survivors of complex trauma to support organizational wellness and sustainable solutions. Sanar specializes in providing trauma-informed support to professionals who may be exposed to primary or vicarious trauma in addition to other work- related stressors and works with each organization to identify challenges and develop tailored solutions.

This approach has led to the creation of Sanar’s Building Empowered, Sustainable, and Thriving (BEST) workplace program. The BEST program ensures organizations are equipped with the knowledge, tools and ability to customize, develop, and maintain strong workplaces that foster wellness, person-centered supervision, proactively reduces the impacts of vicarious trauma, and provides excellent trauma-informed client work.

Learn More About the Sanar Institute HERE

About the Sanar Institute

The Sanar Institute is dedicated to healing individuals and communities impacted by trauma with an unwavering belief that healing is a human right. The Sanar Institute provides trauma-specific services and…

Issue Areas Include

  • Immigrants or Refugees
  • Mental Health
  • Sexual Abuse & Human Trafficking
  • Victim Support

Location & Contact

Current listings by Sanar Institute

JobsLocationDate Posted
Part-Time Resiliency Social WorkerNewark, NJAugust 19, 2022
Senior Wellness SpecialistNewark, NJAugust 11, 2022
Resiliency Social WorkerNewark, NJAugust 10, 2022

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