Pentok Institute

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Jindi Huayuan

About Us

Our Mission: Provide quality education for Tibetan girls.

Established in 2009, Pentok Institute was created to respond the enormous need of education for young Tibetan children, especially girls in the Xinghai County, Hainan Prefecture, Qinghai, western China. Xinghai is a community of 75,000 Tibetan herders. Pentok is dedicated to providing quality education for Tibetan girls.

Pentok Institute has grown organically in the past few years in education-related programs, finances, and partnerships. We focus our efforts in Xinghai County in the aim of developing a best-practiced education model out-side of public school systems. Our programs inclide “Pentok Girls Holiday Camp Program”, over the two years of history of the program, we are also able to explore a curriculum that helps to enhance program participant’s skills in English, Tibetan writing and leadership. “Xinghai Education Resource Center” is one of our major programs which are in the process of building. Within the Resource Center, we aim to develop three education-centered programs for children aged 3 to 20 in Xinghai County. “Pentok Girls Fellowship Program” is the beginning of the organization. The program serves 150 Tibetan children, 90% of them are girls, across 37 nomadic villages schooling in ten public schools. The fellowship program helps students with multi-year assistances in reading materials, school supplies and financial assistances for their schooling. “Montessori Education Initiative for Tibetans” is another Pentok’s program. The initiative is intended to apply, test and modify Montessori Education teachings for Tibetan children, preschool teachers and parents of young children. Pentok is currently implementing several others projects, such as “Sheep Loans for Tibetan Girls’ Education” and “Pentok’s Learning Box”.

In sum, Pentok Institute is a small in size non-profit that strives to become a learning organization that applies new ideas in education but also modify these already existing social innovations into Tibetan culture. We believe in the power of education, specially the power of education for girls. And we are unique in our operating systems in Non-profit sectors of China. We value the ideas of philanthropy, and more importantly, to cultivate that philanthropists among local Tibetans.