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About Us

The mission of Global Community Engagement is to build partnerships among individuals, including, but not limited to, children, students, educators, professional, business and community leaders and non-governmental organizations in order to foster experiential and collaborative learning in the context of community engagement worldwide. With a focus on the developing world, GCE encourages community engagement, global citizenship and cross-cultural understanding among all people.

GCE supports, through reciprocal partnerships, the efforts of local non-governmental organizations in the developing world whose missions and values are complementary to the goals of GCE as reflected in our values and vision statements, to foster organizational self-sustainability and to encourage self-reliance for individuals in vulnerable situations.

GCE, through educational programming and interaction, works to bring groups of individuals together to exchange ideas and learn from each other, recognizing that the experiences of each person, regardless of age, nationality, gender, race or socio-economic background, are valuable and worthy of respect.

GCE seeks to provide education and training through experiential learning to individuals in vulnerable situations in the developing world. The goal of this training and education is to provide greater access to employment and financial independence.

GCE operates under the assumption that community engagement is the best approach to accomplish our mission; building trust, collaboration and a sense of mutual benefit are a necessary part of our efforts.