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About Us

The NECCO Family has been helping children and building families for over 50 years. Bring stability and happiness to a child’s life by joining our family and becoming a therapeutic foster parent. Volunteering opportunities are also available. Every child deserves a loving home, a safe-haven from harm, and people to care about their well-being. At Necco, we've built a solid reputation based on our willingness and ability to care for even the most difficult youth through services including (but not limited to) Foster Care, Alternatives to Secure Detention (ATD), In-Home Based Services, IFI, Community Access Services, and Independent Living. As a private agency we are dedicated to improving the quality of life for children. Necco is a flexible team of professionals poised to do whatever it takes to provide multiple, community-based services to youth who need care. We have office locations in Kentucky, Ohio, and Georgia.