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About Us

The exploding income inequality that we face demands immediate action. The 1% have two political parties of their own, fed by money from corporations. We need a political voice of our own.

If you take corporate money, you are bound to serve corporate interests. Jess Spear is a representative of working people who takes no money from corporations, coming from the same Socialist Alternative party as Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant.

If you believe we need to get corporate money out of politics, come get involved in this campaign. Without any corporate influence, Jess is able to run on a bold platform of taxing the rich to fuel our schools, transportation, affordable housing & green energy expansion. In WA, we have the most regressive tax system in the country!

If we want to solve the horrific economic and environmental crises brought to us by private capitalism, we need to take public democratic control of these productive forces and use them for public need instead of private greed.