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About Us

The Bhutan Media Foundation was established through a Royal Charter issued by His Majesty the King on 21st February, 2010, to foster the growth of a strong, responsible media capable of playing an important role in the social, economic and political growth of the nation. It is mandated to support the wholesome development of mass media so that it can carry out its roles and responsibilities in the interest of the democracy.

The Foundation is expected to support the media in enhancing skills through scholarships, internships and training, strengthening media executive management and leadership skills. It will also support the sustainability and growth of newspapers and broadcast stations, journalists associations and press clubs. It will further invest in the future readership of the print media by striving to provide subscription grants of all newspapers to the schools and colleges in the country. In addition, it will also support the promotion of national language in the media and civic education programs in the media. All licensed mainstream media agencies (newspapers and broadcast stations) in operation are eligible for membership.