Fundacion AFOS (in English)

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About Us

Fundacion AFOS (Assistance for the Fortification of Social Organizations) is a small non profit, non religious, non political organization, founded in 2007. Since then it has worked in the social sector of Córdoba, collaborating non stop with different social local NGOs. Up to now it has received more than 320 foreign volunteers and interns.


The values on which AFOS Foundation rests and fosters its work are social commitment, transparency, self initiative, independence, coherence of thought and action, democratic decisions and teamwork.

The vision of AFOS Foundation is that the organizations committed to improve the quality of life of the vulnerable socio-economic sectors of Córdoba City have human resources to achieve their mission efficiently and sustainably.

The mission of AFOS Foundation is to be a strengthening resource for these organizations, supporting and stimulating its own strategies developed to fulfil its mission and aims.

The main objective of AFOS Foundation is to help these organizations with human resources (i.e. foreign volunteers) to carry out their daily tasks and achieve their long term goals.

The specific objectives of AFOS Foundation are: • To establish a relation of mutual collaboration with the social organizations of Córdoba. • To develop a structure of local and foreign voluntary work to carry out our mission. • To generate social commitment in the volunteers, with regard to their own work in the organizations of Córdoba and also in developing countries. • To achieve continuity in the strengthening activities by means of volunteers' constant summons.