Association of Peasants Fondwa (APF)


28 Im. Chatelain ( Lalue

13062 Delmas

About Us

Our mission is to empower the poor so that they can become their own agents of liberation in organizing the sustainable development of their coomunity villages.

The University of Fondwa is one of the main realisations of APF. It is located in the mountains, in Fondwa, Haiti, is a private non-profit university dedicated to the study of agronomy, veterinary sciences, and management. The university seeks to contribute to sustainable development in Haiti, and to educate professionals with ethical and human values as well as a commitment to serve others. The university is a project of the Peasant Association of Fondwa (APF), a community organization which has worked for sustainable development in Fondwa for 16 years.

The Student Body

The inaugural class of the University of Fondwa 2004 comes from all parts of Haiti – Fondwa, Mirebalais, Borgne, Port Au Prince, Grand Goâve, Jacmel, Hinche, Pignon and Cavaillon.

12 students are studying agronomy

7 students are studying management

1 student is studying veterinary medicine

On January 4, 2004 church and community leaders, farmers, students and professors gathered to inaugurate the university and its first academic year.


The University of Fondwa’s unique curriculum combines conceptual education and practical experience. Each semester the students spend a part of the time in their home communities to begin a sustainable development project, which they will continue to work with and develop throughout their stay at the university. The other unique feature of the University of Fondwa is that the university functions in 4 languages: Creole, French, Spanish, and English. By the time our students graduate they will be well versed in all 4 languages.

The Staff

Our professional staff reflects well the international collaborative nature of the University of Fondwa. Professors come from the United States, France, Cuba, and Haiti. Always conscious of the local Haitian reality they are able to share an international perspective, which impacts the local reality in this age of globalization.