Welfare united association for human and nature

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About Us

Welfare United Association for Human and Nature(welfare united) is started by Smt. Vandana Kumari, She has more than 20 years of Experience in Teaching and welfare works and she is always willing to help needy people to improve life of needy people.

Welfare united association for human and nature (welfare united) is a Non-governmental organizationbased in Patna, India (Registration number S000623)

The mission of welfare united is to work towards the development of our human society, culture and protect our nature.

In rural areas, people are not aware of their rights, about their health, education, child health, education of children, also not aware about how to conserve our natural resources. So we are work for them.

Old aged people not aware of their health and needs. So we are planning to open old age homes and hospitals for them.

Most of the people are not aware of what welfare schemes are running for them by our government and we educate them for the same.

We work for public relief, we work for rural development, women development.

We work to overcome the poverty and unemployment by education and skill development.

We work to overcome the food and water crisis.

We work against any type of corruption in any area. we work for political freedom.

Women are the most important part of our society and we work for women empowerment so they can make their future better.

Our mission is to work around the globe especially in rural areas and slums, for the people who needs our help.

We work for the poor and help them with foods and clothes. In slum areas, we distribute clothes and books.

We educate the people about the importance of education in their life, about how to stay healthy, create awareness about the education of the child.

We work against child labor.

We help to protect our nature and natural resources and educate the people about it and implement enviournment protective actions.

We do the plantation to protect our environment.