African PRIDE Centre

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About Us


African grassroots communities dynamically using Solar Energy, engaged in Social Entrepreneurship and pro-moting access to quality education.


To strengthen the ability of African grassroots com-munities for increased uptake of Solar Energy, active involvement in Social Entrepreneurship and increased access to quality education through capacity develop-ment, and technical and business support.


African PRIDE Centre’s action is located at three levels - the organization itself – through building our own capacity to provide leadership for work around Solar Energy uptake, Social Entrepreneurship and Education; The grassroots initiatives (Community-Based Organi-zations (CBOs), Self-Help Groups (SHGs), etc) - prin-cipally through their leadership structures and institu-tions, awareness creation in Solar Energy, Social En-trepreneurship and Education and their involvement at community level; and through implementation of demonstration projects in Solar Energy, Social Entrepreneurship and Education jointly with respective community ini-tiatives. Action for increased use of Solar Energy, improved levels of Social Entrepreneurship and greater access to quality Education will be taken to enable critical dialogues and action at these levels that seek to reframe and rearticulate the concrete realities of members into actionable policy demands.