Dolphin Conservation Centre

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About Us

DCC strives to contribute to the long-term conservation of the in-situ Ganges River Dolphin population of Nepal, while simultaneously preserving their habitat through community involvement, education, and the promotion of sound scientific research through open access data.

Today, the DCC has twelve Dolphin Conservation Center branches within the Karnali River system, delivering school outreach conservation programs, and providing as a research base for conservationists and biologists from all over to world to better understand and observe Nepal’s Ganges River Dolphin with hopes of restoring the population to a sustainable and viable number. 

The Dolphin Conservation Centre’s fundamental means for obtaining its objective in conserving the Ganges River Dolphin is through grassroots education . -Since its establishment, DCC has dedicated the majority of its volunteer staff’s time, energy, and resources on the ground and has received grants from World Bank through the UNDP SGP to further and disseminate its educational programs throughout the Karnali watershed. 

Since its founding in 1994, DCC has witnessed a two-fold increase in Ganges River Dolphin abundance coupled with an increase of educational awareness throughout the region.