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About Us

Specialisterne pioneered the Autism Advantage movement in 2004. We are here to help companies maximize their autism and other neurodiverse talent acquisition efforts.

By helping companies transform their traditional recruiting and talent acquisition models, and training managers to welcome and embrace neurodiversity, Specialisterne is helping systems across the globe to utilize the inherent skills of autistic and neurodiverse talent to create value for all.

Specialisterne is an international, award winning social enterprise setting the “gold standard” for neurodiversity employment. Specialisterne was founded in 2004 by Thorkil Sonne after Sonne’s young son was diagnosed with the disorder, when he realized we should focus on the ability of neurodiversity: attention to detail, high accuracy, innovative thinking, loyalty and honesty rather than the “disability”. 

In 2012, Specialisterne USA, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization began the Autism Advantage movement in the USA starting the highly successful SAP and Microsoft autism employment programs. Under Thorkil’s leadership, the momentum has grown across sectors throughout the US. Smart business leaders know they need to tap into the neurodiversity talent pool and are happy to work with Specialisterne USA to benefit from it. We are now ready to pioneer online training and stackable credentials to help the supply side keep up with corporation and employer demand. Our goal is to enable 100,000 jobs for neurodiverse people in the United States by 2025.