Black Network In Children's Emotional Health and Independent Movement of Paratransit Riders for Unity, Vehicles, Equality

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About Us

BNICEH (be nicer), Black Network In Children’s Emotional Health, is a global family-centered organization, which organizes and trains in disability, accessible transportation, child welfare, children’s mental health, local government, and prevention issues.  Our affiliate IMPRUVE serves paratransit riders and works on wheelchair Taxi and Medicar advocacy for those who also ride paratransit or desire rider-owned paratransit.  IMPRUVE's current goal is to develop a strategic plan by 2016 for a green paratransit service under public ownership (of the riders) through its Green Paratransit Think Tank and hire persons who are disabled, youth, seniors and ex-offenders who are qualified and want to work to assemble, sell and maintain individual solar-powered cars and work for our rider-owned green paratransit service as entrepreneurs and employees.   Ultimate goal is to do it at a cheaper rate as a nonprofit than the government-operated service board and carriers.