KARIBS Foundation

  • Greater Accra Region

About Us

We are a non – profit, non – governmental, people – centered civil society organization with focus on education, livelihood, protection, environment and advocacy, which are embedded from our 5 thematic areas of operation.

The KARIBS Foundation is a registered national organization and works across the country with 5 administrative staff and 10 working regional coordinators in all the 10 regions respectively, and also with satellite working team globally.

Our mission is to create a fair and conducive atmosphere for youth and children to thrive and unearth their best.

Our vision is to realize a society where young people and women live productive lives and contribute significantly to their community.

Our current 3 major flagship projects includes the NIBALA Africa Volunteers,  NTOYON Africa Retreats and Expeditions and The ALBARKA Project.

The NIBALA Africa Volunteers - NAV. Is a grassroots, youth driven community development project. Previously worked on the Millennium Development Goals and the Poverty Reduction Strategy Programs. We are now working to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, by providing opportunities to volunteers, interns and research workers around the world to leave a lasting impact on the lives of women, youth, children in under-served communities.

The NTOYON Africa Retreats and Expeditions – NARE.

Is a cultural and eco-tourism initiative with focus areas on tourism and culture? NARE focuses on rural expeditions & cultural immersions.

The ALBARKA Project is focused on empowerment and sensitization on civic engagement, peace building, human rights, violence/counter extremism and pressing public interest issues through direct trainings of target groups and training of trainers to cascade on young people and women in disadvantaged communities.