The Vortex Jazz Club


11 Gillett Square

N16 8AZ
United Kingdom

About Us

The Vortex is an internationally renowned jazz club based in East London. It takes pride in the world-class level of its musicians and its integrity as an institution. Evening performances are staffed entirely by volunteers, and fruitful partnerships continue to develop its neighbourhood presence. The Vortex Jazz Club puts on shows seven nights per week and offers a haven for new experimental jazz, world music, contemporary folk, and eminent cynosures in jazz.

Located in the Dalston Culture House since 2005, the Vortex creates a unique dynamic of local feel and far-sighted vision. It is a meeting point of heterogeneous audiences, support for emerging artists, educational projects, and innovative ideas. Collaboration with the Barbican Centre has led to a series of outdoor festival events free in the square. Music meets art, with gallery space inside the club. By day, the space houses rehearsals and extra-musical workshops. It is home to Babel Label records. The Vortex Jazz Foundation has been in effect since 2001.

Most significantly, individuals comprise the whole. Dialogue comes from volunteers, the board of directors, performers, associated groups, music critics, and anyone interested in the club. At the Vortex, ideas have voice. The welcoming environment and its energetic charge serve to make the avant-garde accessible and to illuminate quality.