The Venezuelan American Friendship Organization

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About Us

The Venezuelan American Friendship Association (AVAA) is an organization funded in 1942, with the mission to promote and support an integral education approach in the training of Venezuelan young students that have a strong sense of improvement and values to contribute harmoniously in the development of the country within a diversity and an international friendship atmosphere, in alliance with committed people and organization with Venezuela.

Since its foundation, AVAA has developed an important public and an institutional reputation, as a non-profit association in Venezuela, accomplishing excellent indicators in credibility, impartiality and transparency within the Venezuelan society.

During the last 68 years AVAA has developed three social programs within the education field generating a positive impact in hundreds of Venezuelans. The first program is the Consulting Education Center for Studies Opportunities in the United States and in Canada; the second is the Program for Labor Insertion, which is addressed to professionals that have recently obtained their undergraduate degrees.

Our third program is the AVAA Merit Scholarship Program that has been a mayor benefit for more than 600 young Venezuelans with limited economic resources during their 5-year undergraduate university degree programs in Venezuela.

Nowadays, the AVAA Merit Scholarship Program has 113 beneficiary students that meet high academic standards and possess a strong social vocation value and a leadership potential with the aim of offering young students better opportunities for their integral development.