Building Boys To Men Inc.

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About Us

Building Boys To Men Incorporated is a nonprofit tax exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization and ministry with a mission to provide academic enrichment and community service opportunities for young men living in urban environments.

Academic Enrichment:

in the form of one-to-one tutoring, career oriented workshops, standardized test preparation, and direct career exposure, are things that are needed in schools that a successful program should provide

Community Service:

Goal 1: Provide urban community with free for all fitness club
Objective 1: To give young men and their families an avenue to release positive energy while participating in healthy excercise
Goal 2: Provide Elderly and Sickly with assistance services
Objective 2: To give young men and their families a community service oppurtunity and bridge the generational gap between the old and the young.
Goal 3: Provide homeless and hungry with services
Objective 3: To give young men and their families an avenue to give to others as a practice of responsibility and civility.
Goal 4: Provide businesses with hospitality services
Objective 4: To give every one an oppurtunity to participate in local business as a volunteer service to get those whom are unemployed active as well as bridge the gap and form relationships between businesses and themselves.