Action for Fundamental Change and Development

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About Us

AFFCAD is a non-profit making community based organisation formed in 2009 providing HIV/AIDS awareness and economic empowerment services to vulnerable children, youth, women, and families living with and affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty here in the slum communities of Bwaise, Kawempe division, Kampala district.

MISSION: “To empower communities through well-designed programs to achieve sustained self-reliance



  • Mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS through prevention, care and support programs for a positive living.

Over 700 children and adolescents from more than 25 primary and 35 Secondary schools plus more 300 out of school children have been sensitized about HIV/AIDS. We use the Smart Choices Manual from Uganda Youth Forum to encourage abstaining, be faithful and behavioral change mechanisms. This was supplemented by distribution of HIV/AIDS information materials from various stakeholders. Over 100,000 condoms from UNFPA, ministry of health, MARPI, and Youth AID to youth and other groups in the community in addition to trainings, demonstrations, and information on how to use them.

5 HIV/AIDS testing clinics for children, youth and women have been conducted. 500 children were tested by Baylor College Children's Foundation Uganda, Reproductive Health Uganda, UYDEL. Positive children, youth and care takers have been referred to the above partners to access free treatment and medication (ARVs) while others go to Mulago Hospital and Kawempe Health Centre.

These families are encouraged to 'live positively' through our home based counseling, psycho-social care, and support programs. We have also distributed food stuffs, sugar, soap, salt, cooking oil, kerosene, mosquito nets and clothes etc.

  • Awareness on Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

Over 150 youth have been provided peer-to-peer counseling by our formerly trained community-based peer educators including sex workers that are provided with condoms, access to HIV/AIDS counseling and testing, adolescent sexual reproductive health information and services from Reproductive Health Bwaise Branch and Kawempe Health Centre.


  • Providing Education opportunities to Children

With funds from Working to Empower-Canada, we have provided free education scholarships to 20 orphans, neglected, and vulnerable children as well as children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS between 3-14 years. Additionally, more than 50 children are provided with scholastic materials and two are enrolled on the child sponsorship program. Since April 2011, we have also been running a school called “Excel Education Centre” which provides over 170 of the most vulnerable children from the slum areas of Bwaise.

Socio- Economic Strengthening

  • Mitigating poverty through supporting self initiatives to establish sustaining income generating activities, vocational trainings and revolving fund micro-credit projects.

The “Revolving Fund” micro-credit project supplements the care and support for children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS through empowering their care takers. 35 women received entrepreneurship training, a group of 15 women received loans of $50 USD. After the first two months, we have already received two success stories from Mrs. Nakakawa Nulu and Mrs. Ziwa Sarah who combined their loans for a charcoal wholesaling business.


  • Safe guarding and advocating for Human Rights for all groups of society

We use Human Rights based approach, capacity-building, and health education campaign for children, youth, and slum communities aimed to increase self-esteem, self-worth, and involvement to seek and maintain a standardized quality of life in context of the declaration of Human Rights.