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About Us

Metrics for Management is a US-based non-profit organization aimed at developing and promoting the adoption of measurement indicators and tools for use in the management of health facilities, health service NGOs, and local government agencies in low and middle-income countries.

The growing network of skilled health practitioners, researchers, and policy makers attuned to both the need for measures, and the need to apply them at the local level, has created a special opportunity. Metrics for Management provides a nexus to develop and promote measures that fill the current gap. Such measures must be affordable, reproducible, reliable, and of value to managers. To be valuable to managers they must also become recognized norms – applied and valued widely.

Therefore, Metrics for Management develops, selects, standardizes, simplifies, and promotes the adoption of metrics that address widely shared health system goals. These metrics will eventually become the standards for the field. The adoption of well-researched, tested, and standardized metrics will lead to increased benchmarking across regions and institutions, better management of health programs, improved health services, and ultimately to improved health outcomes.