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About Us

We live in a world built on outdated assumptions about men and women’s roles. At Role/Reboot, we’re trying to understand and embrace the changing realities of all of our lives and support each other. That’s why we’re more than a magazine—we’re also a movement.

We prize the personal narrative and believe that honest storytelling is the most powerful form of consciousness-raising. We believe that storytelling can be a subversive and revolutionary act; it subverts the idea that things have to be the way they are.

We’re a group defined mostly by what we are not. We’re not the Cleavers or Ozzie and Harriet (nor do we want to be!). We’re not the status quo. We are forward-thinking, creative, thoughtful men and women dissatisfied with the limitations of deeply-embedded traditional gender roles. We are creating our own rules. We’re naturally a big-tent movement, welcoming folks like breadwinner wives, caregiver fathers, women without children, unmarried couples, people choosing careers typically associated with another gender, folks opting for non-monogamous or non-traditional marriages, men and women learning to negotiate new sexual rules in their intimate lives, and anyone trying to create lives free from the “shoulds” of gender. In short, Role/Reboot is for people ambivalent about the bill of goods they’ve been sold as a result of being a man or a woman.

What does Role/Reboot do?

  • We publish and promote the best writing on gender roles and share content with partners who do the same.
  • We provide a platform for up-and-coming leaders, speakers, and commentators to develop their voices. We spark new discussions and encourage thoughtful debate.
  • We support the next generation of book clubs by offering a free library of materials called Turn the Page that can be used by existing book clubs or new discussion groups to guide important conversations about men and women and our changing roles.