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Nissii christian Academy is a community driven , child right focused organization that upholds well- being of the children and conserves the environment to retain the dignity of the Mother Earth We work closely with the community members,specifically women,youths,children and volunteers and further collaborate and work in liaison with the government agencies ,local CBO(Community based organizations)/NGOs and local faith based organizations, as key stake holders. to enable us meet our objectives Nissii Christian academy -Integrated Community Project is a Non. profit making organization

The project is located at Kisui village , Gembe West Location , Nyanza Province in Western part of Kenya a long the shores of Lake Victoria The region is inhabited by the Luo community.

The community is still attached to traditional practices which among them include women inheritance, stereotype attitude towards women,gender imbalances, high dependency ratio attributed to extended family ties.- (the culture of brotherhood,) polygamous family patterns and multiple sexual partners. Hiv/Aids prevalence rate stands at 43%.

This further attributes to high number of orphans. Poverty level in this region is one of the highest in Kenya with very little or non- saving pattern due to high unemployment rate among the youths . Most of the children are under fed , this attributes to malnutrition and its related diseases But the community is welcoming, loving and kind. Peasant farming, charcoal burning leading high level of deforestation, lowering the dignity of the MOTHER Earth , traditional fishing methods and micro business practices are the major economic activities in this area. Insecurity (ethnicity division and classes) and other forms of illness attributed to poor and inadequate health facilities further affect the region. The situation is heart touching and goes beyond paper explanation. Come and feel !!!! Our slogan : NISSII CHRISTIAN ACADEMY is US and OURS!!

Nissii Christian Academy has come in-front to safe guard the children and the environment. The project seeks for both international and local partners organization either individual welshers,or cooperate , and either short or long term volunteers to jointly work with us as we work towards creation of HOPE and FUTURE to the children and the community. NISSII CHRISTIAN ACADEMY being the boiling point and an agent for global change the project will create a platform for round table dialogue for the partners /volunteers to discus global issues like climate change, gender streaming, health and insecurity among others while setting forward looking path to enable us realize the Sustainable Development Goals. Be part of these great ideas and change the world.!!!!

Nissii Christian Academy bridges the socio-economic gap by providing holistic education and providing a home like atmosphere to the children by offering other basic needs which Include, food, clothing, shelter, medical and social care. Our curriculum is adjusted to incorporate practical and talent building programs which include art-work (drawing, weaving, knitting, dressmaking /tailoring, basketry, cookery, agriculture) and sporting activities (football, athletics and music)

We always welcome volunteers and all people who are willing to make either short or long term relationship with the school. Through this program, the volunteers are given the opportunity to participate in the school daily activities, interact with the members of community, learn the local Luo community culture, language, and cooking style with a view to bridge the intercultural gap

NISSII CHRITIAN ACADEMY involves providing a safe, fun and creative environment for the local children providing them with educational foundation and helping them to develop to their full potential besides a conducive environment for living /learning to the children and further provides educational training through games, arts and crafts, and help create a fun, and safe platform for the children . In return the volunteers , will experience the sights and feel the touch of one of the most beautiful regions in the world during the free time.

The volunteers are helped to overcome the foreign environment cultural shock by having to freely interact with the community and also daily moral and social support by the coordinator and other project members.

NISSII Christin Academy promotes Community Based Tourism (CBT); the volunteers are attached with the community members for the whole period of stay. This saves the volunteers from spending huge sums of money in hotels/guest houses and gives the opportunity to develop long term personal relationship with the families. There is a lot fun in this relationship. The volunteers become family members.

The volunteers get the chance to visit local and international Kenya's tourist attraction cites which include beautiful bird sceneries, games parks, swimming in Lake Victoria . NISSII Christian Academy provides a NEW HOME FOR THE VOLUNTEERS outside their original homes. The project appeals for volunteers who willing to fund raise for the project to enable them feed , buy clothes, learning supplies. meets medical costs and other upcoming costs for the children.


Creative  Education for Self Responsibility



-To be a distinctive institution that provides quality education and training relevant to the individual and the society.



-To provide high standards of teaching, learning and training, a conducive learning and working environment.

-To involve various local community major groups namely, youths, women, intellectuals, professionals of various cadres, and to be practical, innovative and relevant to societal needs and aspirations.



NISSI CHRISTIAN Academy is driven by core values that include; networking principles of honesty, integrity, accountability, transparency, excellence, fairness and concern for others, that is inclusive education  relevant to today’s kaleidoscopic society.



Creative, scientific, technological and innovative thinking in response to community needs and service delivery to mankind and environment their original homes

Nissii christian Academy is a community driven , child right focused organization that upholds well- being of the children and conserves the environment to retain the dignity of the Mother Earth We work closely with the community members…

Issue Areas Include

  • Agriculture
  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Environment & Sustainability


  • P.O Box 192- 40305- MBITA, KISUMU, None 40305, Kenya


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