TERI, Inc.

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About Us

Mission Statement
To improve the life quality for children and adults with developmental and learning disabilities and their families nationwide through research in treatment methodologies and the establishment of model programs which will set new standards for educational, therapeutic, and training services in this field.

To become a nationally acclaimed institute for groundbreaking research in treatment methodologies that can be disseminated globally providing life-altering options for individuals whose severe developmental, behavioral and learning disabilities impact their ability to learn, form relationships, and meet their maximum potential in life.

Guiding Principles

Focus on Strengths. Everything is possible is we build on strengths.

Teamwork. Good relationships are essential for a happy life.

Respect. We believe each person must always be treated wwith respect and dignity.

Communication is essential. We must support and communicate with each other with dignity and respect.

Celebrate diversity: We are all unique individuals, learn from each other.

A positive outlook is crucial.

Choice is essential.

Fit for Life. The TERI commitment.

We put the fun back in work.

Continuous Quality Improvement is vital to our mission.