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About Us

Our Mission Is Two-Fold

First - To bridge the gap for ones suffering from stress, between those who seek help and the silent majority who avoid the stigma.We provide private and confidential access to simple and effective resources to those suffering because of stressful or traumatic experiences while serving our nation.Equine, canine and rescue training are proven therapeutic programs teamed here to offer Patriots and their families opportunities for self-help in recovery from debilitating stress.

Second - To provide a forum whereby Patriots can refocus and exercise the resilience they learned under extreme stress by continuing to serve the dire needs of others in the peace time communities into which they are struggling to reintegrate.Volunteering in the rescue and training of horses offers the proven benefits of equine therapy. Volunteering for search and recovery missions in finding the missing and utilize horses and dogs they have trained affords Patriots an opportunity to continue heroic service begun by serving in the defense of our nation.By helping to save Ponies and lost People, Patriots have the chance for self-healing. Patriots have the ability to help bring home the missing.


Volunteering for service to others is a core element of the American psyche.It is character building , morale enhancing, faith restoring and resilience in action.PPP-Recovery offers a broad spectrum of programs volunteers can use to serve others while learning new skills or improving current capabilities.

Saving Ponies (horses and dogs) has a long list of skills required to be effective.Locating, negotiating release, transporting, socializing, communicating, feed and grooming, stabling, shoeing, exercising and veterinary care.Training in all these skills is being offered to our Volunteers.Professional certification is being offered for several of these skills, which might open doors to new career fields.

Saving Patriots requires skill in non-verbal communication, empathy with the warrior ethos and an ability to formulate action alternatives with inherent curative qualities.Working to save ponies and rescue people helps all stress sufferers to confidentially restore faith, enhance morale and build character.Training is being offered in non-verbal communication (equine, canine, human) and, creating a Family Skills Development Plan in which family members identify the Pony-Saving and People-Rescuing skills they want to learn.

Saving Peopleis the goal of PPP-Recovery.Resilience learned in battle is founded on saving lives;
first your own, then those around you who you care for.Resilience is being taught with the opportunities, to serve more than just yourself, that are available.A purpose driven life does not eliminate the pain, it allows one to get beyond it and repair the ability to serve.Training is being provided in skills necessary to protect, search for, track down, recover and rehabilitate those who go lost or are taken. Being able to bring home the thousands who go missing in our country daily.