National Council for Urban Peace and Justice

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About Us

The National Council for Urban Peace and Justice is an organization which has a dual mission.

We are a social advocacy group committed to pursuing justice, fairness and equity regarding housing, education, community-police relations, health care, family development, political empowerment, the environment and economic development.

We are also a human services agency providing a variety of services specifically targeted for individuals, families and communities who are 'at risk' for involvement in drug and/or gang-related violence.

Since our beginning, we have been in the vanguard of the struggle to end the epidemic of urban violence: a violence often fueled by combinations of racism, white-supremacy, deteriorating social conditions, self-hatred, decadence and public policies of 'benign neglect'.

Througout it all, the NCUPJ has maintained an uncompromising commitment to the urban peace and justice movement.

The stuggle for urban peace, social justice and spiritual redemption continues...