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Calle principal #40
Puerto Plata
Dominican Republic

About Us

Our organization is striving to improve the living conditions of rural, impoverished settlement within the village of Munoz, Dominican Republic, where 4000 people of Haitian, Dominican and mixed decent are co-habituating. The need for equal access to clean drinking water and a substantial diet is priority.

We also want give them the opportunity to be autonomous, learn trades, choose news professions, further their education and strengthen their language skills. Being fluent in other languages opens their door to the bustling tourist industry that supports a large part of the Islands economy.

Through open, honest communication, volunteers and locals can begin to build cross cultural bridges wherein mutual trust can be the foundation for empowering the people, enabling them to plant the seeds of sustainable projects with long term benefits for all.

With successful fundraising events and donations, SunCamp hopes to help fund building and sanitation projects.

In a clean and functioning living environment, all other missions, involving education and the start up of independent businesses, can begin to flourish.