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About Us

Women Business Owners (WBO) is an international 501(c)(3) non profit organization, founded in February 2004. Our business organization provides education, support and networking for more than 3,000 women business owners throughout the world with online and offline resources.

We offer our members online networking chats, online classes, online seminars, online events, and offline (local) networking groups, annual offline convention, and more!

WBO's mission is to help more women succeed in business. Our plan is to provide physical locations for women to conduct business in a professional setting at affordable prices.

With your support, WBO will be able to purchase vacant buildings in cities with a minimum of 10 businesses owned by women earning $5,000 or more a year in revenue. WBO will renovate these buildings; providing a minimum of 10 office spaces, 1 board room, and an open front area for a receptionist. (1 office space will be used for a WBO Branch Office) We will rent out each space for $200-$1,000 (depending on size of space) a month for return revenue. Each office will be equipped with internet service, phone jack and one phone answering line.

We are building businesses, one building at a time!