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About Us

A brief history of IACC Auroville Integrated Animal Care Center (IACC) was founded in 2005 by Rita, Njal, and Lorraine with a 5 point program of sterilization, anti-rabies vaccination, medical care, adoption of unwanted puppies and education outreach. It is housed on 6.000 sqm open field on Auroville land.

The problem Now IACC functions as a dog shelter which is home to between 30 to 40 dogs of all shapes, sizes and colors as well as one cat. There is no clinic, no adoption program, no education outreach, and no sterilization program. Over the last few years it has fallen into a state of disarray, apparently due to insufficient and mismanaged funding, damage from hurricanes, as well as lack of volunteers and staff. The grounds and clinic have not been maintained and the dogs' health is suffering.

It provides dogs a sanctuary, regular food, andsomemedical attention. However skin diseases are rampant and fleas and ticks are thriving. There is no structured process for feeding, composting, dishwashing, cleaning, or medical attention. The food for the dogs comes from kitchen leftovers and table scraps from the eatery at Auroville visitor center in the morning and from Solar kitchen, the community dining place of Auroville, in the evening.

There is simply too much to do for the one full time staff person present on grounds. Read more about it in our blog post about the issues we noticed at

The solution Friends ofIntegrated Animal Care Center is a community project that aims to bring the dog shelter to good running condition. To begin with, we want the living situation of dogs to improve, to build the center's capacity to take in more animals, start a sterilization drive, an adoption program, a working clinic and a resident volunteer program.