Queens United Middle School 289

  • NY


229-02 137 Avenue laurelton, NY11413
Laurelton, NY
United States

About Us

Queens United Middle School Mission Statement

Queens United Middle School 289 is a learning community consisting of three core pillars: critical thinking, civic responsibility, and high school, college and career readiness. All students build and develop the skills to succeed in school and life by way of thinking critically about community issues and becoming informed citizens that take responsible action to effect positive change.

With an inquiry-based approach to learning, student thinking is pushed to a deeper level of understanding of content and solutions to real life issues. Student discovery is supported with thoughtful classroom instruction, discussions, and tasks that guide students through the learning process and develop leadership capacity. Our school community prides itself on all school members taking an active role in sustaining a respectful, tolerant, and safe environment for all to learn and achieve at high levels.