Kids Can Community Center

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About Us

At Kids Can Community Center, our mission is to empower children and parents to reach their potential and enable older adults to maintain their independence.

We strive to achieve two impacts through our childcare programs: children are ready for school and children are successful in school. To accomplish this, we have defined the 4 Cornerstones of Kids Can programming: Education, Recreation, Nutrition and Evaluation.


Our preschool provides opportunities for children to learn math concepts, the alphabet, and science in exciting and innovative ways. We focus on all aspects of learning including cognitive development, gross and fine motor skills, socialization and language and self-help skills.

For our elementary students, we offer on-site tutoring and homework help on a daily basis. Our tutor works directly with children by providing assistance and working with them to increase their problem solving skills and develop strong study habits.


Children who participate in regular physical activity are not only healthier, but are better students and better citizens. Each day we carve out 5 minutes for our students to do a structured exercise. The exercise of the day can range from jumping rope, sprints, to jumping jacks. We also allow for a minimum of 30 minutes of outdoor play at our on-site playground or in our full indoor gymnasium.


Good nutrition and the development of healthy eating habits are vital building blocks for young children. To ensure that these building blocks are in place at Kids Can, we provide nourishing meals and snacks five days a week under the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) which is administered by the Nebraska Department of Education.


Kids Can provides a safe and nurturing environment with outcome-based programs to ensure that we are providing the best experience possible. We use a variety of curriculums including Handwriting Without Tears and the 40 Developmental Assets as well as partners such as Building Bright Future’s Network of Excellence and the Early Childhood Consortium.

We measure outcomes on an individual and program level to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our children and families. Through surveys, teacher observation, and parent feedback, we evaluate each program to ensure children are academically and socially prepared to enter Kindergarten and have an increased chance for academic success as they advance through elementary school.