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About Us


THE BEACON is committed to improving the lives of Houston's poor and homeless. We feed and provide showers and laundry service to over 600 clients each day


THE BEACON's mission is to provide services that restore dignity, self-respect and hope to Houston's poor and homeless.

Company Overview

THE BEACON was created with a vision for a comprehensive mission work serving the needs of Houston’s homeless.

We believe that every person, without exception, deserves to have his/her basic human needs met (e.g.: food, hygiene, shelter, etc.)

We believe that every person should be treated with basic human respect and dignity...We know that VOLUNTEERS make all the difference...more than 85% of the work we do is carried out by community volunteers!
NOTE: the beacon is also known as "chom" (cathedral health & outreach ministries).See More


THE BEACON is a multi-service center serving the homeless community in downtown Houston.

THE BEACON has 4 programs: - The Beacon Day Center - Cathedral Justice Project at The Beacon...- Cathedral Clinic at The Beacon
- Brigid’s Hope at The Beacon
Through these programs THE BEACON addresses hunger, health, hygiene, employment, legal and housing issues.
More than 85% of the work we do is carried out by community volunteers.See More

General Information

In 2012 THE BEACON served over 12,000 unduplicated clients throughout all of our programs. We anticipate serving over 12,500 in 2013.

Importantly, more than 85% of Beacon services are operated by volunteers.

This includes not only our essential services, such as meal and laundry services, but also deeper services such as case management, legal, pastoral care and mentoring services. We provide p...rofessional training and support to our volunteers who are committed to serving in these more specialized arenas.
Here, we offer a hot meal, laundry services, private shower and lavatory facilities, pastoral outreach / care, and case management to people living on the streets of Houston.
In addition to Mondays & Fridays, these services are offered on weekends, when other homeless service providers tend to be closed.
Over 600 clients receive services each day of operation.
CJP brings justice to the homeless by providing them with pro-bono legal assistance across a wide range of legal matters. This program serves as an advocate before government agencies and courts of law, helps resolve legal issues, which stand in the way of employment or government benefits, and connects clients with existing
Volunteer lawyers, paralegals, and law students keep this practice moving forward.
Cathedral Clinic combines primary health care, psychiatric treatment, and mental health counseling with intensive case management to address the unique needs of men, women, and children living on Houston’s streets.
This clinic is a collaboration of THE BEACON and Healthcare for the Homeless – Houston.
BRIGID'S HOPE at The Beacon:
By providing support and assistance for homeless women in transition from Texas prisons & jails, Brigid’s Hope transforms incarceration to community contribution. Brigid’s Hope works to reduce the number of women returning to the criminal justice system by giving our clients the tools they need to become self-sufficient and secure a safe and productive life. This intensive year-long program includes housing, material support, counseling, service coordination, and concentrated support and guidance through trained volunteer mentors.
The mentor relationship creates a connection and an environment where healing and restoration can take place for the women we serve.
As this program predates The Beacon, since 2002, none of the Brigid’s Hope graduates have returned to prison.