Better Life Association for Comprehensive Development




About Us

Background of Better Life Association for Comprehensive Development: BLACD is a non governmental, non-profit association, established in May 1995, in Minia, Upper Egypt. BLACD aims to improve the quality of live for the poor and deprived people in Upper Egypt. We work with Quarry Workers, Fishermen in the internal waters of Egypt, the Sponsor Housewives, the Landless Farmers, Day Labors, the Garbage Collectors and Working Children in different professions. BLACD educates the poor about their rights and enables them to make the best use of their resources. BLACD Mission:

  • Improving the quality of living for deprived communities to obtain better life, through enabling them. BLACD Vision:
  • A Community free of poverty – violence – illiteracy – unemployment for a better life.
  • Improving living conditions within poor communities that have a lack of services and educating them on how to best express their needs.