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About Us

We provide leading-edge proprietary software tools, education and outreach materials, training and technical assistance to public health practitioners working in partner local, state or national organizations as they identify the need and build support for, adopt, implement and evaluate policy, systems and environmental interventions to promote tobacco-free living, prevent obesity, and limit the influence of all neighborhood factors that are deleterious to health.


We believe in the power of communities to organize for collective action to advance place-based public health. Counter Tools equips and enables our partners to collect, organize and disseminate granular, local data to mobilize stakeholders and build support for health-promoting local policy. Our software tools demonstrate local public health problems and solutions in facts, images and stories.


As trained scientists and practitioners, we translate the best available science into immediate evidence-based practice. Our success is measured in policies passed and lives saved. We act each day to eliminate health disparities and create a healthier world. As the only nonprofit provider of place-based public health technology and training services, we aim to be the partner of choice in advancing place-based public health.