Project Australia

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About Us

Project Australia is a national organisation helping people launch ideas that seek to create positive social change within communities. Established in 2006, we are not linked with any political party, we are not-for-profit, secular and driven by younger people who value community, social justice, diversity, sustainability and creativity. To read more about our principles, please refer to our Charter below. Our funding comes from unconditional public donations and we operate thanks to a growing team of volunteers from all around Australia and the input of various community leaders.

Over the coming 12 months, Project Australia will seek to establish itself as a free, online space in Australia for people who have ideas about how to create a brighter Australian future but who lack some critical aspect in order to start the process of taking that idea to reality. We want to become known for our ability to offer or help source accessible, supportive infrastructure and resources that provide a basic stepping-stone for people to convert ideas and emerging projects into successful realities. As part of our collaborative vision, we'd like to work with other groups to ensure that people and their socially-focussed ideas are supported, right from the very beginning, through the whole creation process. We also want to ensure that smaller projects are part of the broader tapestry that is 'social change'.