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About Us

MITRA Society For Rural Education and Development is a registered non-political, non-profitable, Voluntary Organisation working for the upliftment of Rural Poor People in Amarapuram and Madakasira Mandals of Anantapur District, A.P. It was registered in the year 1984.

The target groups of the Society are SCs, STs, and BC, Minorities and Economically backward classes. The main purpose of the Society has been raising the standard of living conditions of the target groups. It has been mobilizing resources for the Socio-Economic and Health improvements of target groups and has achieved substantial success in improving the living conditions of the people. To achieve this, the Society has worked with the support of OXFAM (INDIA) TRUST ,SPWD,DDP, Govt. Watersheds and CAPART.

To achieve its vision MITRA has dedicated itself to introducing Thrift co-operative system, Land Based and Income Generating programs through Peoples’ institutions, Self Help Groups and Forest Protection Committees

The overall objective of the organization is to develop the poor farmers, formation of Self Help Groups among women and youth through Land Based, Health activities to take up Income Generating, Skill Training Programs and to take a Multi-sectional Development approach aimed at all round development of the individual family, community and environment for the rural poor.