Samara Community School

  • NY


1550 Vyse Avenue
United States

About Us

The mission of Samara Community School is to develop compassionate, bi-literate and bi-cultural individuals who with problem-solving skills and creativity are able to excel in our global community. Our children collaborate and learn through hands-on experience and explorations, all the while gaining knowledge in the content area, including the arts.


  • are kind to others. We treat others as we would like to be treated. We lend a helping hand to our friends. We never say, “You can’t play.” We build meaningful relationships with our friends. We take care of our environment. We are intentional with our words and seek to make others feel good.
  • work together: We are good listeners and active participants. We share ideas and collaborate. We pay attention to others and ourselves during a discussion. We learn how to express ourselves in a clear and concise manner so that we are understood.
  • ask questions: We think critically and are flexible in our thinking. We use our critical eye and gather information to form ideas. We give reasons for our ideas and reflect on our work. We are creative and curious about the environment around us. We do not judge and instead value all contributions.
  • never give up: We set goals for ourselves and are committed to achieving results. Even when we think it is too hard, we keep working because we are self-motivated. When we don’t understand something, we keep our cool and find a way. We are optimistic and know that practice, repetition and good habits will make us successful.