CSUDH Labor, Social & Environmental Justice Fair

  • CA

About Us

CSUDH is the only four-year university in Southern California to offer a major in Labor Studies. We think it is crucial to honor labor and promote labor studies, and we want to build our support for the labor and social justice community. We view the Fair as an opportunity to deepen connections among campuses, labor unions, workers’ centers, community organizations, and people: students, faculty, union folk and community members. It is a space for transmitting information about organizing campaigns and work issues, jobs and internships, and discussions about broader issues.

We plan to repeat our successful format of holding outdoor booths for many organizations where one-on-one conversations can be held while workshops and panels on a host of issues go on indoors, programmed by our events committee with involvement from organizations like yours. Faculty and students, community members and union workers and officials will move between the indoor meetings, exhibits, and the outdoor booth spaces with cultural programming and refreshments.