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About Us

Diasporic Africa Press, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to publish works that further scholarship and quality education throughout Africa and the world. Our organization is organized around three interrelated goals: 1) to publish works that further excellence in research and scholarship related to Africa and the African diaspora (that is, the worldwide dispersal of peoples of African descent) and to further quality education in Africa and the world; (2) to introduce exceptional scholarship to a North American and global audience by means of publishing monographs that engage important matters in African and African diaspora history and culture, promote inquiry and discussion, contribute to knowledge about the African world, and that are built on research and written in accessible language; and (3) to maintain an active scholarly publishing program that produces at least 10 monographs each year, and that encourage public interest in scholarship related to the African world and its contributions to a richer understanding of our shared and varied humanity.

Our publishing efforts thus focus on the ways in which (diasporic) African cultures moved through their histories in and outside continental Africa and have shape our historic and contemporary world. We strive to provide our intelligent readers a growing literature in African world history and culture found nowhere else—a literature that supports research, teaching, and substantive discussion.