Youth Action Nepal

About Us

Youth have the potential and qualities to commit positive action in their society, but have many burdens and responsibilities on their shoulders. They focus on many aspects of life and especially the betterment of their future. By getting youth involved, youth teach them to be helpful to the community, as well as themselves. There are times when people focus on their careers in their lives, and many youth are entering this stage without the proper experience. Due to these experiences, youth feel compromised and may lose hope. These emotional events can help youth better themselves, but at other times, helps destroy their goals, ambitions, and hopes.

Youth around the world are facing various problems, depending on where they live. Nepalese youth are particularly vulnerable, with education, health, security, employment and access on resources being some of their major challenges. If, however, we analyse their challenges, we find that Nepalese youth have a lack of information; a lack of involvement; and thus, a lack of opportunity.

To alleviate this problem, a group of youth representing different educational, professional, and ethnic backgrounds of Nepal have initiated a new organisation to address current youth issues. The proposed youth organisation, “Youth Action Nepal” (YOAC-Nepal) ultimately strives to enhance youth involvement in the nation building process.

Introduction Youth Action Nepal is a non-profit youth organization run and led by the youth, for the youth. Youth Action in Nepal provides a platform for the youth to help them develop themselves and make necessary positive changes in their societies and communities. Our organization works for the youth, as they lack access to the information, knowledge and skills in many areas that affect them. Youths have potential and ideas but they lack orientation, and we are here to provide them with the appropriate materials and tools.

Our Vision Youth Action Nepal envisions youth as involved, respected and outspoken members of society. Ultimately Youth in Action is involved in enhancing the lives of members in society. If we dream for a future where respect, love, freedom and peace are the prevailing culture, we should start acting together and empower each other.

Our Mission Youth Action Nepal... ...intends to make the youth involved in all types of development programs in their communities, as well as on a personal level. ...realises its responsibility is to be a voice for human rights and good governance in the grassroots, national and international level. for the development of Information Communication Technologies (ICT). ... is here to empower young people by imparting required skills and knowledge. ...encourages youth to utilise their time for volunteer activities that will help them in their personal development as well as enable them to make positive contributions to society. for the national, regional and global issues of youth and is interested in forming a network with other organizations working for the same cause. ...would like to develop as a national youth leadership training institute.

Key Target Groups The participants, members, volunteers and activists of this organisation are mostly urban and rural youth between 18 and 30 years of age who have a lack of adequate information, opportunities and access to resources. Gender balance will be maintained while selecting key participants, with equal opportunity in all activities of this organisation. The rural-urban balance will be maintained while selecting participants. The youth from conflict-affected regions will also be selected to establish them as motivated community members and to allow their own communities to benefit in a time of need. Disabled and handicapped youth will also be incorporated in the organisation, allowing for their career development. This exposure builds their confidence and will establish them as respected citizens of their community. The beneficiaries of this organisation will also be women and children. The organisation will launch several programmes for children out of school, victims of conflict, children at risk, and women in crisis.