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About Us

It is a common reality that our Veterans suffer from many traumatic experiences from protecting and serving our country and being a daughter of a veteran, I do understand how important the sacrifices they make are. Before my father passed, I watched how he and other members of my family were affected by being in the military. As a young person, my dad never really seemed to get back to himself and he suffered from PTSD. It was a struggle trying to help him because, I could not get the help he needed or if there was help for him, I did not know how to get him the help he needed. I knew something had to change.

Amazing Soldiers is an incorporated community organization that provides immediate basic needs and resources to Veterans & their families in the Houston/Katy area. Our staff assists individuals by offering referrals to emergency and permanent housing resources, vocational counseling, assistance with benefits, and other supportive services. Our mission is to be the foundation on which our veterans can begin to rebuild and maintain support for the future.