Community Animal Rescue Effort of South Bend

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P.O. Box 1481
South Bend
United States

About Us

Community Animal Rescue Effort of South Bend will work to improve animal welfare in St. Joseph County through the reduction of pet overpopulation, adoption of sheltered animals, and promotion of humane treatment of domestic pets. We will support and promote spay & neuter services, promote public awareness of adoptable pets, and create educational programs about responsible pet ownership.

Community Animal Rescue Effort will work closely with the South Bend Animal Care and Control Shelter (SBACC) by providing funds and volunteer services. We will hold a number of fundraisers to benefit the shelter. These will include an annual 10K race along the St. Joe River, calendar sales featuring animals from SBACC, the sale of sponsored bricks that will line the new animal shelter, and a number of other fundraising events. Our first annual 10K race will take place on April 25, 2009.

Volunteers from Community Animal Rescue Effort of South Bend will provide services to the shelter on evenings, weekends, and holidays. These functions will include walking dogs, bathing and grooming animals, working with anti-social animals, transporting animals to and from veterinary clinics, feeding and watering animals on weekends and holidays, and cleaning cages, bowls, toys, towels, and bedding. In addition, occasionally volunteers will take animals into their homes for a time when the shelter is overcrowded.