Independent Living Alternatives

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Trafalgar House
Grenville Place
United Kingdom

About Us

Independent Living Alternatives (ILA) was established in May 1989 to promote the rights of disabled people to live independently.

ILA began as an volunteer organisation and expanded into a not-for-profit personal assistance agency.

• ILA is an organisation of disabled people providing a comprehensive range of personal assistance services

• ILA provides personal assistance either by providing personal assistants or by enabling individuals to employ their own personal assistants

"Disabled people have an inalienable right to independent living. It is often not understood what this means: It is about having more than an accessible environment and basic physical needs provided for; it is about a right to live spontaneously; a right to go to the toilet when you want to; a right to go to work or to study where and when you want to; a right to economic equality; a right to leisure; a right to express your sexuality; a right to determine your own lifestyle; a right to develop hopes and aspirations; a right to be accepted as a full and active member of the community; a right to positively promote our difference as disabled people, but not to have to think of the consequences every hour of the day. In essence, independent living is a misnomer: as disabled people we should be able to just think about living as anybody else."

Dave W Morris-Founding Director Charity no. 802198