Cooperative Federal - Syracuse's Community Development Credit Union

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723 Westcott Street
United States

About Us

Cooperative Federal (Syracuse Cooperative Federal Credit Union) is a tireless activist in the movement against injustice, disempowerment, corporate irresponsibility, and environmental degradation.

Located in the heart of Syracuse, NY--a mid-sized cosmopolitan city surrounded by the scenic splendor of Central New York--Cooperative Federal is a member-owned financial services cooperative that has devoted 30 years to improving the lives of our members and revitalizing our low-income, urban neighborhoods. These neighborhoods lack access to crucial resources, yet they contain a powerful ethos of resistance.

Our goal is to help sustain our vibrant neighborhoods by building household & community assets; and by combining the tools of finance with financial literacy education, individual counseling, and remediation to help our members develop skills and plans to overcome poverty and hardship. This strategy allows us to take members along the path from personal crisis management, to household budgeting, to asset building and home-ownership.

Our innovative & unconventional approach helps members overcome barriers to home-ownership, start small businesses, and more. Our credit union provides services and resources to build members’ financial strength now, while working to build a thriving, independent local economy in opposition to the structures of injustice.

More than a financial institution, Cooperative Federal is part of the community-based movement to empower our neighborhoods and overcome the effects of decay, neglect, and discrimination.