Justice for Immigrants Coalition Inland Southern California

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About Us

The JFI Coalition of Inland Southern California (JFIC) is comprised of labor unions, community and faith-based organizations based in the inland area of Southern California.

The coalition goals include advocating for both national immigration reform and fair state and local policies that address migrant people, legal and educational support of migrants and their families, and working with the local press to present positive images of migrants.

The JFIC does this through:

- Providing services and resources for the immigrant community of the Inland Empire such as legal counseling, “Know Your Rights Workshops” and community outreach.

- Responding quickly and effectively to the Rapid Response Network Hotline to assist in calls regarding raids and abuses by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

- Developing polices and advocacy strategies to push for an immigration reform that is just and humane.

- Collaborating with distinct organizational groups of the Inland Empire in order to create an inclusive and safe environment for the immigrant community through policy development, programs, and intellectual endeavors.