Gye Nyame Empowerment Project

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New York

United States

About Us

The mission of GNEP is to recognize, celebrate, and examine issues pertaining to people of color, with an emphasis on those residing in underserved communities. The organization is dedicated to the education and advancement of people of color, and the development of the neighborhoods and communities they reside in through conferences, workshops and other social and educational mediums. Our vision is to provide a supportive network and forum that empowers the individual, the family and the community to meet their full potential.

In 2011, the focus of the organization will be on Unraveling Stories, Creating New Possibilities. GNEP believes that everyone has a story about their past; however it is the interpretation of these stories that often stops people. One’s interpretation prevents them from doing certain things; from believing that they can actually do something; from believing that they are worthy of certain things. GNEP seeks to transform communities by unraveling the stories that hinder people from reaching their full potential.