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About Us

The Keystone Foundation's mission is to support the missions of Glenkirk, Search and their affiliates through fundraising, community awareness and advocacy, thus empowering the individuals with intellectual disabilities served by these agencies.

The Keystone Foundation is a 501(c)3 non profit dedicated to bettering the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. Through fundraising, grant writing, volunteerism, marketing/PR and event planning, we are helping to provide the agencies serving this population with the much needed funds to sustain and improve the residential, vocational, and day services they offer. We educate and bring awareness to the communities where these individuals live, work and enjoy recreational activities, so they are seen as participating members of their communities, and not just people with disabilities. Our advocacy work plays a key role in helping to change policies and obtain more funding from the State of Illinois, for a population of people that is currently underserved. We envision, in the near future, that individuals with intellectual disabilities will be afforded all the rights, respect, supports and public funding currently given to other citizens of the State.