Monarch Academy Public Charter School

  • MD


6730 Baymeadow Drive
Glen Burnie
United States

About Us


Monarch Academy Public Charter School is a tuition-free, publicly funded charter school open to all students in Anne Arundel County regardless of testing or screening. The campus is located in Glen Burnie, Md., and will grow to serve students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Monarch Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, or familiar status in matters affecting employment or in providing access to programs.

Our mission is to prepare each student for success in the 21st century, giving them the knowledge, tools and confidence to function in an interconnected, dynamic global economy. Monarch Academy provides an enriched curriculum of academic rigor, adventure-based learning, a focus on arts and technology in a school environment that stimulates all the senses. Students are encouraged to think creatively and solve problems with kaleidoscope thinking, i.e., finding more than one answer. Small class sizes and highly qualified, committed faculty allow the school to foster team building, character development and high academic achievement.

Why Monarch Academy?

  • Class sizes stay small ranging from 20 to 28 students.
  • Students engage in adventure-based learning, which encourages creativity, problem solving, teamwork and rigorous study.
  • Adventure-based learning connects students to the community with local partnerships.
  • Teachers focus on arts and technology.
  • The culture emphasizes character, integrity and respect.

Monarch Academy is a unique collaboration of two innovative, proven models for excellence: the Transformation Education child-serving organization model and the Expeditionary Learning Schools model.

Transformation Education

The key to Monarch Academy’s success is a cutting-edge philosophy for managing child-serving organizations called Transformation Education (TranZed). TranZed creates a brain-compatible organizational culture that teaches the key values, skills and beliefs for students to have a successful life: caring, contribution, commitment, vision, courage and will. The TranZed philosophy focuses on the thinking and behavior of its faculty as a primary determinant of student success. If a student struggles to learn by a particular teaching method, our faculty will change their behavior and methods to better engage and teach the student.

Expeditionary Learning

Monarch Academy has partnered with Expeditionary Learning Schools, a national network serving 150 schools across the United States. The Expeditionary Learning model supports the achievement and engagement of every student through active learning, character development and teamwork. At Monarch Academy, students spend much of their time engaged in learning expeditions and in-depth studies of compelling topics that engage students in comprehensive research of a subject, hands-on learning experiences, and unique projects that address authentic audiences in the community.